Conor McGregor says an MMA rematch was agreed, but Floyd Mayweather didn’t honour his word

Conor McGregor believes he will get another shot at Floyd Mayweather, but not in the way it was originally discussed.

The Irishman, who returns to the UFC after 15 months out when he fights Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on December 19 (AEDT), addressed the possibility of a Mayweather rematch in a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

And while McGregor said he was happy to get back in the ring with the boxing icon, who stopped him in the tenth round of their 2017 showdown, he also revealed that Mayweather backflipped on a verbal agreement to fight in a mixed martial arts bout.

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UFC246 in a nutshell

UFC246 in a nutshell


“I know I’d beat Floyd. I’d beat Floyd if we rematched — when we rematch,” McGregor said.

“He’s not going to do a mixed martial arts bout, like he said. It was supposed to be me boxing, and then we’ll do a mixed martial arts bout. That is what was said.

“And it came out of his mouth as well. It was not written, but it was a verbal agreement, right. Obviously that’s not going to happen, and I’m not going to push him on that either. But I would like to box him. I think that would be a good rematch.”

The 31-year-old put on a decent display against Mayweather, but believes he’d be in a much better place to win if a sequel were to happen.

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“…The only reason I lost that bout was ‘cause I prepared for a backfooted, Philly shell style of opponent, and when the fight was like that, I was picking him apart,” McGregor said.

“Then, he came forward and started pressing, and I wasn’t sinking into my shots like I am now with my boxing coaches under my belt that are drilling specific boxing things into me again.”

McGregor didn’t rule out a 2020 rematch, and also mentioned a potential bout with Manny Pacquiao down the line.

“I want to box again,” he said. “I will box again. I will get a boxing world title. I love boxing, I truly love boxing.”

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